Books and Baileys – the perfect weekend combo!

The Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction is next week, and I must admit that as someone who loves books even more than I love cocktails, this is a pairing made in heaven!

Here are the shortlisted books for the 2015 Prize, a wonderful mix of titles. I must admit I really can’t guess which book will take the prize this year.

The Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction announces 2015 shortlist of six titles which celebrate the best in writing by women

The winner will be announced on June 3rd, at a glamorous ceremony in London. But for those who won’t be attending the ceremony, never fear, I have some Baileys based cocktails that will ensure you can have your very own celebration!

Some people see Baileys as a seasonal tipple over ice, but it is a shame to only break out the Irish Cream at Christmastime – there are lots of lovely drinks you can make with Baileys, so it can be a year-round treat!

Baileys Truffletini

Baileys Truffletini

  • 50ml Baileys Orange Truffle
  • 25ml Cariel Vanilla Vodka
  • 25ml Triple Sec

Shake all ingredients with hard ice until shaker frosts. Strain into a small martini glass, garnish with a mini Terry’s Chocolate Orange segment and a twist of orange peel.

This delicious sipper martini has such a range of flavours, with the creamy Baileys, sharp orange and warm vanilla combining to make a lovely rounded experience. If you feel the need to lengthen with a touch of cream, then go ahead!

Baileys Frappuccino

Baileys frappe final

  • 40ml Baileys Irish Cream
  • 60ml Fresh Espresso
  • 60ml Milk

Add ingredients along with 4-5 ice cubes into a blender, blitz until smooth. Pour into a latte glass, dust with cocoa powder. This is a light and summery blended coffee drink, with the sweet and creamy edge of Baileys, turning it into an indulgent treat.

Beware – these are very easy to drink!

Bananaileys (makes 2)


  • 80ml Baileys Chocolate Luxe
  • 40ml De Kuyper Crème de Bananes
  • 1 Ripe Banana

Add all ingredients to a blender with 6-7 ice cubes. Blitz until smooth, pour into a pair of beautiful Baileys glasses, and enjoy!

This delicious creamy, fruity number is a wonderful treat, and is also one of your 5 a Day!

Baby Guinness

Baileys Baby Guinness

  • Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
  • Baileys Irish Cream

Now I haven’t put amounts on this one as it will depend on the size of your shot glasses. Basically, you will need about 3 parts Kahlua to 1 part Baileys. This pretty shooter will require a steady hand and, ideally, a cocktail spoon. Add the Kahlua to the cocktail spoonglasses, and then hold the flat disc end of the cocktail spoon in the glass, just hovering on the surface of the Kahlua. Very slowly start to pour the Baileys along the spoon’s corkscrew handle, so it slowly makes its way to the base. Here, the difference in density of the two liquids will mean that the Baileys will float perfectly on top of the Kahlua, making a drink that looks like a tiny pint of Guinness (hence the name). If you don’t have a cocktail spoon, you can use the back of a regular teaspoon, but it will be harder to get a clean layer.

Practice makes perfect on these little fellas, but to be honest, even if the layer isn’t perfect it will still taste pretty good – and that’s what’s really important!

So whether you are celebrating on June 3rd with a big party with friends, or are planning to just curl up on the sofa with one of the shortlisted books, make sure you have a delicious Baileys cocktail to hand!

What’s your favourite way to enjoy Baileys? Share your recipes in the comments section. And for lots more recipes and ideas, visit the Baileys website. Thanks to Baileys for providing me with Baileys and glassware.

Want to vote for the book you think should win? You can vote in a reader poll, or find out more about the Baileys Prize.

Enjoy (responsibly) x

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