Mexico’s Favourite Cocktail…

You would be forgiven for thinking that Mexico’s preferred tequila-based cocktail was the Margarita. It is certainly the tequila drink of choice in the US, and probably in the UK too. However, you would be mistaken – it seems that the tequila drink of choice in Mexico is actually the Paloma. Spanish for ‘dove’, the Paloma is a light, refreshing and boozy cocktail.

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Spotlight on…Sugar Cane Cocktail Bar, Clapham

The highlight of the night was definitely Polynesian themed cocktail bar, Sugar Cane. Badged as ‘A taste of the Tropics in South London’, it was a very nicely laid out bar, decorated in traditional Tiki Bar style. All the bar staff were wearing Hawaiian shirts, and the lights above the bar looked like puffa fish!

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