Spotlight on Cachaça – A Taste of Brazil!

Cachaça is a distilled spirit made from sugarcane. It is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil. The major difference between cachaça and rum is that rum is usually made from molasses, while cachaça is made from fresh sugarcane juice that is fermented and distilled. As some rums are also made by this process, cachaça is sometimes known as Brazilian rum.

I find that cachaça tastes somewhat like rum but has some of the roughness of tequila, it also has a slightly botanical flavour as well. The most famous cocktail using cachaça is the Caipirinha, consisting of cachaça, lime and sugar with ice. I like to use Sagatiba Cachaça – delicious and also comes in a lovely bottle!

Strawberry Caipirinha (makes 2)

Strawberry Caipirinha

  • 60ml Sagatiba Cachaça
  • 30ml Bols Strawberry Liqueur
  • 4-6 Fresh Strawberries
  • Juice of one Lime
  • 4-6 Ice Cubes

Add ingredients to a blender, blend until smooth, pour into Martini or Margarita glasses, garnish with a fresh strawberry.
If you don’t have fresh strawberries you can just mix the other ingredients in a cocktail shaker and strain into glasses.

Strawberry goes well with the cachaça, and fruit versions on the classic Caipirinha, sometimes known as a Batida, are common in UK cocktail bars. Passionfruit, mango, and raspberry also work well.

Goombay Smash (makes 2)


  • 80ml Sagatiba Cachaça
  • 40ml Malibu Coconut Rum
  • 40ml De Kuyper Apricot Brandy
  • 60ml Pineapple Juice
  • Juice of one Lime

Add all ingredients to shaker with ice, shake until it frosts. Fill whisky/rocks glasses with ice, strain drink over the ice.

I made this when I was given a bottle of Apricot Brandy for my Birthday – it is a really nice combination, you can taste all of the flavours but they work well together. Quite strong and easy to drink though, so do take care!

So if you want to try something a bit different, give these tasty drinks a try!

As always, enjoy (responsibly) x


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