Look into my eyes…

Sometimes you get a spirit or liqueur that is so pretty and tasty that it deserves a bit of love and attention. Especially when it isn’t very well-known…
Hpnotiq is a liqueur made from fruit juices, vodka and cognac, and is 34% proof. As you can see, it is also a glorious pale blue colour.

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Time flies when you’re having rum…

Last Sunday was National Rum Day – however, I feel that rum needs at least a week to be fully appreciated, so that make today still part of National Rum Week! In my last tiki post I looked at the classic Mai Tai, but today I’m featuring a longer, fruitier drink perfect for holidays or just for sunny days in the garden – the Bahama Mama

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Spotlight on…Callooh Callay

I love Callooh Callay. Tucked away off the main drag in Shoreditch, London, it has all the fun of a secret bar but never leaves you feeling left out. We made an unplanned visit recently when we found ourselves in the area, and wanted to show some friends who hadn’t been there before. We made our way into the small front bar area, and quietly asked if there might be any room ‘on the other side of the wardrobe’. Luckily, there was a table booked for a party not due for another hour, so we took our chance. Once through the Narnia-style wardrobe door, we found ourselves inside a beautifully decorated room, with tin bath sofas and tables made out of sewing machine stands!

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