Classy Cosmopolitan

Sometimes I crave the classic simplicity of a Cosmopolitan. This drink has many ownership claims, and is probably a modern adaptation of a traditional Daisy or Kamikaze cocktail. Whatever its provenance, in recent years it has become a staple of almost every cocktail bar.

However, disappointing versions are common, and as it is a straightforward drink, you are often better to make your own! Below, you will find the classic recipe, along with a fruitier alternative.


Classic Cosmo

  • 30ml Absolut Citron
  • 25ml Cointreau
  • 25ml Lime Juice
  • 50ml Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

Raspberry Cosmo

  • 30ml Absolut Raspberry
  • 25ml Cointreau
  • 25ml Lime Juice
  • 50ml Ocean Spray Cranberry & Raspberry Juice

For either version, fill a shaker with ice, add all ingredients, shake until a frost forms, strain into a Martini glass. A classic Cosmo is usually dressed with a piece of flamed orange peel, but you can also use a wheel of lime. The Raspberry Cosmo looks great with some fresh raspberries, pierced with a small straw, laid across the top of the glass.

Of course, you can play around with the balance to make your perfect version (more lime, less Cointreau,whatever you like). If you don’t have flavoured vodka, that’s ok, but it does add an extra dimension to the drink if you can get it.

So whatever the new cocktail fad may be in your local bar, never forget a classic!

Please remember to enjoy responsibly x

Cosmo overhead (2).jpg



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