Spotlight on…Sugar Cane Cocktail Bar, Clapham

Last weekend we were in the mood to have our drinks made for us, so we popped over to Clapham Junction (a direct train journey for us) and found a few nice bars in easy reach. The whole area had more hen do parties than we would have liked, but otherwise it had a nice buzzy vibe.

The highlight of the night was definitely Polynesian themed cocktail bar, Sugar Cane.

Sugar Cane BarBadged as ‘A taste of the Tropics in South London’, it was a very nicely laid out bar, decorated in traditional Tiki Bar style. All the bar staff were wearing Hawaiian shirts, and the lights above the bar looked like puffa fish!

Ticking over but not too busy, we were able to stand at the bar and get served quickly. Not that we were in any rush, as the extensive menu needed some time to explore!

SC Tonga Punch First up, we thought we would try one of the sharing cocktails, the Tonga Punch! I always fancy these sharing drinks, but often theyare huge things for six or more people, and just not practical. However, Sugar Cane had two different ones that were suitable for two people to share. The Tonga Punch was great – a balance of lots of decent rums, with plenty of juice and citrus, without becoming overly sweet.

SC Tonga Punch








Once we had worked our way through the Punch, we wanted to try some of the other concoctions:

Tropical Booty & Suffering Bastard

SC Suffering Bastard SC Tropical Booty

SC - Suffering Bastard and Tropical Booty

I would recommended both of these – they were really tasty, and served in these fantastic heavy Tiki glasses – after a few recent disappointments in bars serving their drinks in plastic glasses, it was nice to go somewhere that appreciates how important the vessel is.

The Tropical Booty was fruity and sweet, but cut through with the dark rum and sharpened by plenty of lime. The Suffering Bastard did have a real hit of almond flavour from the Orgeat, and although the rum was dominant, it didn’t overpower the drink.

We will certainly be heading back to Sugar Cane in future, and next time we’ll take some friends with us and book one of the cosy corners. If this has put you in the mood for a Tiki drink, try my recipes for a classic Mai Tai and a fruity Bahama Mama!

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, remember to enjoy (responsibly) x

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