My Top 3 – Cocktails in the City

We had such a fun experience at Cocktails in the City a couple of weeks ago, the only problem was not being there long enough to try them all!

Every stall had such friendly and knowledgeable bartenders, who had a real passion for the work they do. However, after much exploring, chatting and tasting of their wares, I managed to choose three cocktails to sample. They were all delicious in their own way, and I would visit all of the bars in question. So, in the order I sampled them, my three recommendations are as follows:

CITC winners

  • Blend it Like Peckham (Chambord from The Cocktail Trading Co.)
    • This alcoholic slush puppy was just the thing to start my Cocktails in the City adventure. Sweet, tasty, refreshing, and served in what looked like a suntan lotion bottle, it certainly had the kitsch factor. I’m a big fan of Chambord (some recipes here), so this was always going to be a winner for me. The team from The Cocktail Trading Co. were fun and friendly, and provided a fantastic mini cocktail recipe book, so a good introduction to the event.

Blend it like Peckham

  • Mai Tai (Appleton Estate VX Rum from Dub Jam)
    • Dub Jam is a small jerk BBQ and rum shack in Covent Garden. I haven’t been there yet, but having tried their drinks now I very much want to check it out! I had samples of both the drinks they had on offer, a classic Mai Tai and an Infused Smoked Piña Colada. They were both delicious, but I went for the Mai Tai – it had a great balance of flavours, with a real hit of Orgeat, which can be missing from some Mai Tai recipes. Try my Mai Tai at home. We also got to taste their fantastic jerk chicken, which was full of flavour. They were a lovely team and I could have stayed there all afternoon!

Mai Tai

  • Japanese Punch (El Dorado Rum from Portside Parlour)
    • For my final drink of the day, I got a little more adventurous. The chaps at Portside Parlour know their stuff about El Dorado Rum, so when they started describing the elaborate process used in their Japanese Punch I was intrigued. Infused with so many flavours, it’s difficult to describe, but impossible to resist. Seriously, there’s milk in it, but through some infusion-type process it’s all taken out, but a silkiness remains. I’m not a damn scientist, and I was a couple of drinks in by this point, so you’d better ask them for the details…


We also had really interesting chats and tasters with Barrio Bars, Lucky Pig and Foxlow among others, and I need to do a tour of all the fantastic bars I have been introduced to, but one thing at a time.

Wherever you go, and whatever you drink, this weekend, remember to enjoy (responsibly) x

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