The Land of Frozen Delights

I recently visited New York for the first time, and what a fantastic city it is! The sights, sounds, food and people were just unforgettable. However, this is a cocktail blog, and so I’m really here to talk about the drinks!

A couple of week ago I posted about an encounter in a fabulous Queens speakeasy, Dutch Kills. It was a great experience, with classy drinks and skilled bartenders.

Sometimes though, you want to keep things simple. One thing the US seems to be very good at when it comes to drinking, is the art of the frozen beverage. Many types of cocktail take on a whole new dimension if you serve them as a frozen slushy delight, so we went looking for some NYC frozen gems:

We toured rooftop bars, chain restaurants, dive bars, Mexican cantinas and even an outdoor beach-bar on Coney Island to find the best frozen drinks on offer. They were almost exclusively margarita-based, with the exception of a fantastic spiked lemonade affair known as a Bayou Twister (which still had a twist of margarita in the mix). The flavours were plentiful, including passionfruit, raspberry, strawberry, mixed berry, peach and even coconut!

Frozen delights

The top frozen drink of the holiday, however, without question was:

The Frozen Pomegranate Margarita at Rosa Mexicano

This tiny, innocent-looking pink delight looked like a glass of candyfloss when it arrived, and I was expecting to be disappointed. I could not have been more wrong. Fruity, sharp, with a noticeable but not overpowering tequila warmth, it was the perfect frozen experience.

Warning – do not underestimate this little firecracker as I did, sampling it at lunchtime on an empty stomach, or you will spend your afternoon back at the hotel taking a little ‘tequila nap’. Respect the pink slushy drink, order some chips.

Pomegranate frozen margarita

If it’s warm where you are this weekend, why not try turning your Friday night treat into a frozen delight? Chill some glasses, whack your ingredients in a blender with plenty of ice, and take it easy.

As always, enjoy (responsibly) x

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