30 challenge – Talbot’s Dream

For my 30th Birthday I received 30 miniatures with 30 recipes – here is the first feature of my 30 Challenge.

Miniature – Mozart white chocolate liqueur mozart white

Cocktail – Talbot’s Dream

Both the liqueur and the cocktail were new to me, so I tried this with my good friend Danielle to see how they each stacked up.

Talbot's Dream recipe

We served them in lovely champagne coupes or saucers, which were perfect for the frothy creaminess of this drink.

Dusted with a little cocoa to finish, they certainly looked the part.

Talbot's Dream

This is not a session drink by any means, but the Baileys and Mozart combine to make a sweet and indulgent dessert cocktail.

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur is available in a range of flavours, so if the white chocolate is too sweet for you, there are milk and dark chocolate versions to try!

If you are looking for a delicious after dinner drink that looks lovely and tastes divine, then the Talbot’s Dream could be just what you are looking for!

Enjoy (responsibly!) x

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