The 30 Challenge

When I celebrated a big Birthday, some of my friends, knowing I was a fan of cocktails, got me a fantastic gift.Miniatures in box

In a beautiful box sat 30 different miniatures of all types, from the usual suspects of vodka, gin, tequila and rum, to strange and delightful liquors in weird and wonderful bottles. Not only this, but wrapped around each tiny bottle was a recipe for a cocktail using the particular libation. Tempted as I were at the time to just fire straight into them, I realised they were too lovely to use up like that, so I decided to start a cocktail project, to work through the 30 cocktails with friends and loved ones over the coming year, and to document our experiences, good and bad.

So here I plan to share with you the drinks we tried, how they were made, and how they tasted. Some were good, some were bad, and some we were lucky to keep down, but we had fun along the way!

2 responses to “The 30 Challenge

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