Welcome to Happy Hour

CabinetI am a big fan of cocktails, both of drinking them and making them. I wanted somewhere that would allow me to share this, as although they don’t last very long, a perfectly made cocktail is as much a piece of art as anything else.

Now, cocktails are about much more than getting drunk, in fact it is quite the opposite. I spent too much time when I was younger drinking horrible concoctions whose only purpose was to get us hammered, until one day I realised I would no longer drink things I didn’t like and would instead create and discover drinks I could enjoy. These days I would rather have one perfectly balanced and beautiful cocktail then a whole evening of sugary drinks and nasty shots.

So here I plan to share lovely drinks I discover in bars across the country (and world given the chance), as well as some of the drinks I make at home. I will also look at the importance of good quality ingredients, from my favourite spirits and liquors to fresh fruit and the different ways to use ice, as well as preparation, including my increasingly unmanageable collection of glassware.

I think there is a cocktail for everyone, whether you are a hardened whisky drinker, a wine connoisseur, a gin & tonic fan or even if you don’t drink at all (there are some fabulous mocktails out there), so don’t let a bad experience with a pre-mixed Sex on the Beach on holiday in 2001 put you off…

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